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Aims & Objectives

The prime objective of the Corporation is to work for socio-economical upliftment of its target group people and to provide better self employment avenues so that they can become economically dependant and self-reliant members of the society. In fact, the JSSCDC is to work as a catalyst to create adequate income generating activities for under privileged target group people of the state i.e., Scheduled Castes. The other objectives of the Corporation include :

  1. To plan, promote, undertake and assist programms of agricultural development, animal husbandry, marketing, processing supply and storage of agricultural products, small scale industry, trade business or any other activity which will enable its member to earn a better living and help them to improve their standard of living.

  1. To organize, supervise, assist, provide technical guidance to develop the business of District Schedule Caste Co-operative Societies Industrial Co-operative Societies and other Co-operative Institutions functioning for the benefit of Scheduled Caste and to coordinate and consolidate the activities.
  1. To ensure into all kinds of contract and transaction relating to Industrial produce of industrial Co-operative, with a view to the gradual elimination of middlemen and thus ensure fair wages and shares in profit to the Scheduled Caste workers.
  1. To raise and arrange loans and accept deposit.
  1. To arrange for and provide such credits as may be required for the affiliated Societies by advancing loans, cash credits and margin money.

  1. To acquire and hold shares in co-operation Institutions.
  1. To provide facilities for training to the member of the co-operative organization and to grant such facilities scholarships and award for research or other purposes as would directly or indirectly help to the co-operative movement among Scheduled Castes people in general.
  1. To undertake development work relating to scheduled castes including construction works such as construction of houses, hostel building, residential school.
  1. To act as the agent of the Government for the procurement supply and distribution of agricultural or other produce or other goods as and when required to do so.
  1. To coordinate supervise and control the activities of the affiliated societies.
  1. To provide facilities for survey, research or study of the problem relating to cottage and village industries small scale industries and scope of their development with a view to promote such industries and business for the purpose of providing employment to the member of the scheduled castes.
  1. To arrange for publicity and marketing of the finishing products manufactured by the member in village industries if necessary, by opening show-room, emporium, etc.

  1. To invest or deposit surplus fund of the corporation in Government securities or in cooperative Bank or in other banks as decided by the Boards.
  1. To issue bonds and debentures for raising resources for fulfilling any of the objects of the corporation.
























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